The Fundraising Benchmark

The Fundraising Benchmark gives insight into the developments on the market of database driven fundraising. Participants in this benchmark compare these developments over multiple years and over more than 20 KPI’s based on their anonymised data. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the efficiency of your DM Fundraising programme, to analyse data and enhance your performances. You are able to compare all results from your own database with other participants in Great Britain via this interactive online portal.


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Register your fund

Simply contact us via our contact form to register your own fund. You will then receive your personal login details from us that will give you access to our interactive portal.


Safely link your data

After you have logged in with your unique login code, you can simply and safely link all necessary data to the portal. The data will then be analysed automatically.


Gain new insights

The data analysis of your donor base will be presented in your own interactive report portal. Furthermore, you can compile and download the reports based on your own goal(s). Next, indicate how your own results should be compared with the entire market or certain market segments (your own data will remain anonymous for other participants).


Turn insights into action

Thanks to the newly gained insights into the fundraising sector you are able to compare the performances of your own organisation with those of similar organisations. Use this information to identify underdeveloped parts of your programme, (re)develop your strategy and to indentify your position within the market segment.

The Fundraising Benchmark